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After Struggling with Acne for Over 10 Years, I Thought Nothing Could Help – Until Now!

Posted by Katakomba . on

I’m Rebecca, 29 years old and a long-time sufferer of chronic acne.
Because of this, it may surprise you to know that I was totally free of acne as a teenager! Sure, I got the odd hormonal pimple here and there…
…but my skin was generally pretty clear with no severe problems.
But, at the age of around 19, my skin started to break out into angry, lumpy pimples – bright red and incredibly painful, I just couldn’t understand what was going on.

Surely, acne is something only young teenagers experience, right?

Wrong !.


After doing some online research and establishing that yes, I did have adult acne, I started doing everything I could to make my skin clearer…


…because it didn’t just look bad, it had affected my confidence like NOTHING ever had in my entire life.


And as I was about to hit my early twenties, I had turned into a shy, introverted shadow of my former self – and it was all because of how embarrassed I was about my skin.
I made drastic changes to my diet and would only eat foods that were organic. But that did nothing.
I started working out more in the hope I would ‘sweat out’ the pimples. That didn’t work either.
I even resorted to scrubbing at my spots with pure tea tree oil in a desperate attempt to get rid of them.


But, you guessed it – that did nothing but make my acne even worse.


I was at the end of my tether, and just couldn’t believe how unlucky I was to be cursed with acne in my twenties.


So, just after my 24th birthday after dealing with this problem for over 5 years, I decided to visit my doctor.


I’d always avoided this as I thought I’d be simply wasting their time. After all, when it comes to serious illnesses doctors deal with every single day, acne is pretty minor.


But I knew something had to be done, as I’d never felt so unattractive, unconfident and miserable.


My doctor examined my skin, and instantly recommended laser acne treatment. I’d never heard of this before, and was immediately filled with hope at the thought of a solution…


…until I found out a full course of laser sessions was over $1000!


And with how severe my acne often was, I would definitely need a full course.


I was crushed. I didn’t even have a spare $100, let alone $1000, and this revolutionary treatment just wasn’t something I’d realistically be able to afford.


But I knew I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing because of money, so I started educating myself properly into the world of premium skincare…


…and began researching the specific products I should be using for my skin type.


I eventually came across these acne facial masks and, given their impressive list of acne-fighting ingredients, I was certainly intrigued.


I made an order that same day but, given that they were just face masks, I wasn’t expecting wonders.


After all, I’d rubbed stinging tea tree oil over my face and that did nothing for my spots – so what would a face mask be able to do?


The day they arrived, I applied one right away. It was instantly cooling and felt super soothing for my spots which was a plus – but I took it off and couldn’t see much difference.


Don’t get me wrong, expecting all my spots to disappear after ONE face mask is completely ridiculous, but I was desperate at this point and just wanted a sign that my situation wasn’t totally hopeless!


So I continued using these acne facial masks every single night for about a week…


…and my skin suddenly started to change.

…and my skin suddenly started to change.

The pimples hadn’t totally gone, but they were far smaller and less red – they were also less painful too!


My skin wasn’t perfect, but it looked better than it had looked in years, and I could feel my old confidence coming back with every single application of these facial masks.


It’s now been a month later, and my skin looks like a 29-year old’s skin should look. 


Whilst I do unfortunately have some acne scarring and a couple of stubborn pimples left, I can’t remember the last time my skin looked so smooth, radiant and clear…


…and it’s all down to these acne facial masks!


So, if you suffer with chronic acne like I did, I can almost guarantee these masks will help significantly.


Or, if you’re lucky enough not to have bad acne and just suffer from the odd pimple here and there, these acne-fighting facial masks are certain to completely eliminate any blemishes for good!